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…one last pitch

We were thinking of selling our organs, but can’t imagine anyone wanting our grizzled old liver, so how about some FINE ART? For the final 2 days of our “going out of business” sale, any donation over $5 will qualify for an original work of art.  $20 will get you a FIVE PACK of our […]


So Long and Thanks…

Well Christmas has come and gone and nothing from Santa this year.  It seems inevitable that we’ll have to shut down next week but first we’d like to thank all of our loyal followers and supporters so we have a special gift for you all at the end of this (possibly our penultimate) post. New years being […]


Going out of Business

 You may recall it was around this time last year that we asked subscribers to dig down deep to help us meet operating costs.  Believe it or not, it REALLY COSTS SOMETHING to reserve a URL and get all this great content hosted somewhere OTHER THAN BLOGGER. We’ll save you the lengthy diatribe about keeping […]