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Self Portrait c.1927

The Women of the Avant-Garde (Spoken Word poetry from the 80’s)

A fine selection of Spoken Word poetry from the 80’s With Kathy Acker, Laurie Anderson, Caroline Bergvall, Denise Levertov, Lydia Lunch, Patti Smith, and Eileen Myles       The Women of the Avant-Garde (Spoken Word poetry from the 80’s) **Via  


Denise Levertov

Listen to Denise Levertov reading her poetry       At_the_Justice_Department       Psyche_in_Somerville       Somebody_Trying       Wealth_of_the_Destitute_by_Denise       Wedding_Ring       What_My_House_Would_Be_Like_If_It_Were_A_Person       Battle of the Bards *links via

Redoing Childhood

Kathy Acker Poetry – Redoing Childhood (1999)

Kathy Acker Poetry      President Bush       Miss Savage’s School for Girls       Temple of Eros       Country That I’ve Never Seen       I Will Stay With You Tonight       Hotel Etoile Rouge       Outside the Law       Female Doctor       Hotel of the Lilac Eyes       Face to Face With Death *VIA

Apple Cart

Bernard Shaw -the Apple Cart -spoken word (1958)

The Apple Cart– Bernard Shaw Interlude – Bernard Shaw The Boy Actor – Noël Coward Nothing Is Lost – Noël Coward Honeymoon – Noël Coward Mrs. Mallory– Noël Coward A Question Of Values – Noël Coward Do I Believe? – Noël Coward Letter From The Seaside, 1880 – Noël Coward 1901 – Noël Coward A […]