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New York Noise volume 1

Can’t stand myself. Throw me away Liquid Liquid – Optimo Konk – Baby Dee The Dance The – Do Dada Material – Reduction Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Wawa DNA – 5:30 Rammellzee Vs. K.Rob – Beat Bop Contortions – Contort Yourself Glenn Branca – Lesson No.1 (For Electric Guitar) the Bloods – Button Up Dinosaur […]


New York Noise volume 2

New York Noise volume 2 Pulsallama –Ungawa Pt.2 Mofungo –Hunter Gatherer Red Transistor –Not Bite Vortex Original Soundtrack –Black Box Disco Certain General –Back Downtown Sonic Youth –I Dreamed I Dream Rhys Chatham –Drastic Classicism Clandestine With Ned Sublette –Radio Rhythm (Dub) Glorious Strangers –Move It Time Felix (2) –Tiger Stripes Del-Byzanteens With Jim Jarmusch […]


Fact 24- A Factory Quartet (1980)

Fact 24 DURUTTI COLUMN – For Mimi DURUTTI COLUMN – For Belgian Friends DURUTTI COLUMN – Self-Portrait KEVIN HEWICK – Rubble KEVIN HEWICK – 1940 KEVIN HEWICK – A Little Feeling KEVIN HEWICK – Forget KEVIN HEWICK – Morphia KEVIN HEWICK – The Enchanted Kiss KEVIN HEWICK – Haystack BLURT – Puppeteer BLURT – Dyslexia […]


Manchester-So Much To Answer For (Strange Fruit Records)

Splendid compilation of Peel 80’s sessions to satisfy a request for Dub Sex. NJOY Fall–Eat Yourself Fitter Buzzcocks –What Do I Get Frantic Elevators, The –Hunchback Of Notre Dame Chameleons, The –Second Skin (Films) Passage, The –Dark Times Blue Orchids –The House That Faded Out Tools You Can Trust –Working And Shopping Twang (2) –Big […]


john peel’s archive things LP (BBC-1970)

john peel’s archive things LP (BBC-1970) I Know A Little Girl – Liverpool Wellington Boots – South Africa Jew’s Harp Duet – Bali Hora – Rumania Oleg Tambulilingan -Bali Sunday Morning Service – Ethiopia Xylophone – Uganda Heroic Song – Ethiopia Fearless Bird – Hong Kong Live Beetle Jew’s Harp – New Guinea A […]