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V.A.- Anatomy Of Coincidence (Clandestine Recordings-001-1984)

Splendid little sampler of 10 bands from Indiana (USA)  minimal synth  grabbed from phoenixhairpins Grey Area – Melancholia Practic – Gone Unnoticed Sphere Of Influence – Photosphere Col5lage – 551 A Drowning Man – Rapture Of The Deep Element – Rooms Without Doors Deca-dense – Judgment Falling Innerface – Human Factors Machine Language – The Wake […]


Rev. Jim Jones & Family- The Last Supper (1984)

Rather disturbing artifact released by Jordi Valls under the name “Vagina Dentata Organ” Features most of the Jonestown “death tape” from November 18, 1978, along with additional Jim Jones speeches and sermons generously provided by Genesis P of PTV.  Picture disc with insert released in an edition of 912 hand-numbered copies, (one for each victim). Link c/o Salle’de’Musique’blogspot – lots […]


V/A – Foam 沫 DLP (YLEM YDL 0000) 1981

V/A – Foam 沫 DLP (YLEM YDL 0000) 1981 This week we’ve got a lovely collection of post-punk gems on the Japanese Ylem imprint – however you’ll recognize many of these names from the Vanity label. Incredible package concept by Mr. Nomoto, owner of Gallery 360° in Tokyo. Transaparent vinyl with die-cut inner sleeves and a stick of […]


John Bender-Early Cassettes 1981-1983

John Bender-Early Cassettes 1981-1983 Ridiculously scarce cassettes from this Cincinnati OH avant-garde electronic artist. What could be better than more Bender? Packing List:1982 This tape’s title came from the fact that original versions were packaged without plastic cases,in oiled envelopes that opened at the narrow end,had bendable metal clasps, were used to hold shipping documentation, and […]