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Mainstream- Quiet Sun (1975)

Mainstream- Quiet Sun (1975) Absolutelely gripping posthumous (post Winkies) release from this Pre-Roxy Music outfit. Interviews and such here Sol Caliente Trumpets with Motherhood Bargain Classics R.F.D. Mummy was an asteroid, Daddy was a small non-stick kitchen utensil Trot Rongwrong Mainstream is: Phil Manzanera Charles Hayward Dave Jarrett Bill MacCormick Brian Eno Ian MacCormick


Gregory Corso – Die on Me

Alan Ginsberg thought Gregory Corso was the best poet in America in the 50’s…what do you think? For Homer Ode To Coit Tower Inner/Outer Rhyme Getting To The Poem Ode To The West Wind A Bed’s Lament Hair Bomb The Truth Don’t Shoot The Warthog Prophecy No Arrangement Was Made As Rome Burned Last Night […]