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Sound Bites From The Counter Culture

Hunter S. Thompson – Fear And Loathing Eugene McCarthy –    The Big Three Bob Guccione Jr. –   We Did It Dr. Timothy Leary –  Think For Your Self Abbie Hoffman –     Just Say No Henry Rollins –     The Virtues Of Black Sabbath Jello Biafra –     Excerps From […]


Nicole Blackman – She Did It for You

Nicole Blackman – She Did It for You In The Movie Now (Blind With Rain mix) Iris (Blind With Rain mix) Lost (Blind With Rain mix) Christians Calling – Nicole Blackman  Scanner In the movie now Lost Daughter The Courtesan Tales (excerpt) West End Girls (With John Van Eaton) Nicole Blackman & Scanner-Christians Calling What […]


Hashisheen: The End of Law (1999)

Hashisheen: The End of Law (1999)                   First Reading (Sussan Deyhim) The Old Man Of The Mountain (Genesis P-Orridge, Percy Howard) The Western Lands (Iggy Pop, William S. Burroughs, TECHNO ANIMAL) The Spilled Cup (Sussan Deyhim) Marco Polo’s Tale (Hakim Bey, Nicky Skopelitis) Pilgrimage To Cairo (Hakim […]