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Lęðηard Cðhęη ★ Mastęr Pðęms

Collection of poetry readings by Leonard Cohen From “Six Montreal Poets”, 1957 1. For Wilf and His House – Beside the Shepherd – Poem – Lovers – The Sparrows – Warning – Les Vieux – Elegy From Dunn’s Progressive Jazz Parlour, Montreal, Canada, 8th April 1958 2. Gift  From “Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr Leonard Cohen”, 1965  […]


Minutes LTM V:XV – an Homage to Burroughs (1987)

Minutes LTM V:XV – an Homage to Burroughs (1987) La Pluie Fait Des Claquettes Anonymous Men Of Mercy Going Out Of My Head/For Your Love La Toison D’Or Les Voleurs D’Enfants Abandoned Artifacts On The Nova Lark Holidays God And Suffering Deconstruction & Necessity PostMarxism & LateCapitolism Rationality And Irrationality The Shock Of My New […]