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Studs Terkel ‎– Hard Times (1971)

Caedmon Records ‎– TC 2048 A Fairy Tale The March Born Losers Hard Traveling The Big Money God Bless The Child Leaving Home Bonnie Laboring Boy Two Strikes The Farmer Is The Man Sixteen Ton Concerning The New Deal Evictions, Arrests And Other Running Stories Honor And Humiliation Epilogue: Two Women       2B-F3-62-63-terkel-a0a0k0-a WordPress is doing […]

Norman Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein-An Issue of Justice; Origins of the Israel_Palestine conflict (AK Press)

Origins of the Israel_Palestine conflict (AK Press 2001) -The Jewish Question & The Zionist Movement -Arab Antagonism To Zionism -Population Expulsion & Western European Elite Opinion -Zionism, Conquest & Elite Western European Values -1948 & The Expulsion Of The Indigenous Population Of Palestine -The ‘Two State’ Settlement & International Opinion -Foiling The PLO’s Peace Offensive, The […]


Monkeywrenching The New World Order (AK Press)

Monkeywrenching The New World Order (AK 022) Featuring Howard Zinn, Robin Hahnel, Craig O’Hara, Norman Solomon,  Michael Albert, Christian Parenti , Chris Crass ,Alexander Cockburn and Ward Churchill – a reading from the seattle n30 communique from the acme collective of the black bloc – capitalism, world trade and economics – conspiracy theories – critical mass – extending […]