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Denise Levertov

Listen to Denise Levertov reading her poetry       At_the_Justice_Department       Psyche_in_Somerville       Somebody_Trying       Wealth_of_the_Destitute_by_Denise       Wedding_Ring       What_My_House_Would_Be_Like_If_It_Were_A_Person       Battle of the Bards *links via


Helen Adam Poetry 1977-1978

Helen Adam Poetry On Helen Adam Poetry from Susan Howe’s Pacifica Radio Program, Ballad of the Hawthorn Bower        MP3 introduction        MP3 on her childhood in Scotland        MP3 on moving to San Francisco, “San Francisco’s Burning,” and writing ballads aloud       MP3 In and Out of the Horn-Beam Maze       MP3 on her favorite painters       MP3 on Allen Ginsberg, […]

Redoing Childhood

Kathy Acker Poetry – Redoing Childhood (1999)

Kathy Acker Poetry      President Bush       Miss Savage’s School for Girls       Temple of Eros       Country That I’ve Never Seen       I Will Stay With You Tonight       Hotel Etoile Rouge       Outside the Law       Female Doctor       Hotel of the Lilac Eyes       Face to Face With Death *VIA