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Pierre Laniau – Erik Satie: Pièces Pour Guitare (1982) 1. Four Gnossiennes 1-Lent 2. Four Gnossiennes 2 – Avec etonnement 3. Four Gnossiennes 3 – Lent 4. Four Gnossiennes 4 – Lent (sans presser) 5. Musiques Intimes et Secrètes – Desespoir agreable 6. 06 Musiques Intimes et Secrètes 2 – Caresse 7. 07 Musiques Intimes et […]

Affluenza (F)


Here‘s a preview track from our upcoming album “Affluenza“. It’s free when you pre-order the album which drops on Dec 25th. You can buy the single for just $1.00, and help keep this site running. Additionally, all pre-orders will receive an advance preview of the vinyl 12″ mix. Thanks in advance for your support!

RAW Logic

Robert Anton Wilson-Prometheus Rising Excerpts

1- Conversations (William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Timothy Leary, Les Levine, and Robert Anton Wilson) 2- Secrets of Power 3- Burned Books 4- DisinfoNation – I_II 5- DisinfoNation – II_II 6- Infinity Factory – Hosted by Richard Metzger 7- An Incorrigible Optimist 8- Colonisation of Space 9- Namu Amida Buddha *Via Exu @ Nov, 2014 Check […]

Never Dont Give Up


The generous supporter who has been hosting this site forever FOR FREE for us has just announced that for various reasons they will no longer be providing this service.  For this reason we are forced to solicit donations.  There are 2 ways you can support this site. If you enjoy the content provided here and […]