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Kung Fu (1973)

Caine’s Theme The Shaolin Temple The New Student Ten Times Ten The Ancient Warrior / Shawn’s Theme A Children’s Game Divine Strength Aletha / Su Yen Grasshopper Power Of The Other The Lotus Pond One With Nature Dark Angel (Hymn) On Evil The Peaceful Path Time Of The Soul King Of The Mountain Path / […]


Dormir Soñar Quizás

Tracklist Kung Fu-(David Carradine) Americas (Neruda Mix) Slo Steppa (LKJ Mix) The Power to Heal (KKuhlman Mix) Varkatope-(Squarepusher) IOIO- (Nosaj Thing) En el Sueno (Dali mix) sleep deprivation (Simian Mobile Disco) AUDIOMAZE- (Tabla Beat Science) 7_7 Expansion – System 7 Sleep Deprivation En EL Sueño Daydream (Ursula Rucker mix) Cuanta Entrada O La Profesion de […]


Recordings from the Tony Schwartz Collection

Recordings from the Tony Schwartz Collection       How We Remember       Sound Picture of New York       Columbus Day Parade       The Small Recorder       Sounds from New York       Favorite Sounds Major in Germany Calls and Whistles Music in Speech Rhythm of Words County Auctioneer Comment on Travel in the City West Side Woman’s Comment Housing Discrimination Owner of Paladium […]


Van Morrison – Contractual Obligations (1968)

Van Morrison – Contractual Obligations (1968) After a pretty unhappy couple of years with his label Bang Records in the mid-60s, Van Morrison wanted out. They demanded he deliver some more short and poppy stuff like Brown Eyed Girl, while he wanted to release 11-minute renditions of lion impersonations (which he did on the album Saint […]