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MRC-013 – Beautiful Dynamite

MRC-013 – Beautiful Dynamite A1 –Nancy Sinatra Sugar Town A2 –Bo Diddley Elephant Man A3 –Priscilla Brown Rockin’ Good Way A4 –Ikettes* Peaches And Cream A5 –Little Martin Grits Ain’t Grocheries A6 –Gino Washington Puppet On A String A7 –Sam Cooke You Understand Me A8 –Art Neville Little Girl From The Candy Store A9 –Coasters* […]


The JFK Assassination & The Gangster Nature Of The State

Michael Parenti:The JFK Assassination and the Gangster Nature of the State When Oliver Stone’s movie JFK opened in December 1991 a huge PR campaign was mobilized against the film. Even progressives spoke out.Noam Chomsky wrote in support of the Warren Commission’s findings – in contrast Michael Parenti gave one of his highly acclaimed talks criticizing the […]


Dormir Soñar Quizás

Tracklist Kung Fu-(David Carradine) Americas (Neruda Mix) Slo Steppa (LKJ Mix) The Power to Heal (KKuhlman Mix) Varkatope-(Squarepusher) IOIO- (Nosaj Thing) En el Sueno (Dali mix) sleep deprivation (Simian Mobile Disco) AUDIOMAZE- (Tabla Beat Science) 7_7 Expansion – System 7 Sleep Deprivation En EL Sueño Daydream (Ursula Rucker mix) Cuanta Entrada O La Profesion de […]


Nick Bougas Presents: Celebrities…At Their Worst!

Nick Bougas Presents: Celebrities…At Their Worst! Here are your idols Hic es in idolis vestris 1-1 John Wayne 1-2 –Jack Palance 1-3 –Zsa Zsa Gabor 1-4 –Col. Harland Sanders 1-5 –Orson Welles 1-6 –Orson Welles 1-7 –Mickey Rooney 1-8 –William Shatner 1-9 –William Shatner 1-10 –Louis Nye 1-11 –Carol Burnett 1-12 –Tim Conway 1-13 –Elizabeth […]