Proiettili Italian Punk Waves 1977 1987

Proiettili Italian Punk Waves 1977 1987 01. S.I.B. – You 02. SEX – I’m In Love 03. RATS – Spacciatori 04. SORELLA MALDESTRA – Io Sono Un Fric 05. ANDY WARHOL BANANA TECHNICOLOR – I’m In Love With My Computer 06. SHOTGUN SOLUTION – Shotgun 07. LONELY BOYS – Jews (Just Wanna Have Fun) 08. […]


Geza X – You Goddamn Kids! (1981)

First, mean mister mommy man made a deal with the doctor to have the worms cut-cut-cut out of my head. Then, mean mister mommy man got gasoline, and made spill happen. And I asid “NO” mean mister mommy man, hurts feels good. Pony Ride II. Rio Grande Hotel Hungarian Wee need more Power Isotope Soap The Paranoids […]


The Fourth Way-The Sun and Moon Have Come Together

The first of three live recordings from the seminal San Francisco Bay Area electric jazz group. I read somewhere that Mike Nock (who wrote most of these tunes) went to one of the Capitol records execs to ask for permission to release these long out of print recordings and was threatened with litigation (go figger’). […]


Phew-Debut (1981)

Here for your enjoyment is Phew’s debut LP, originally released in 1981 on Pass Records. This album caught my eye primarily because it featured the talent of Can’s Holger Czukay, though in what capacity I am still uncertain. There’s kraut-like rock throughout the record (“Closed” and the awkwardly nightmarish “Doze”) as well as some relatively abstract songs reminiscent […]