Bribery or Extortion?

It is not an accident that you are reading this right now.  You are among a very select group of WEIRDOS who dig the kind of stuff we post here- this is self evident, but have you ever given any thought to what it takes to keep a party like this going? We know- there’s a lot of really fantastic blogs out there, and hardly any of them ask their readers to donate as frequently or vociferously as we do.  There is a good reason for this dear reader.  The reason is- because WE CARE.

Don’t get us wrong- we know you care too, but we’ve been around a while and seen blogs come and go (mostly GO) as the landscape has changed, and policies have evolved. We understand that it is impossible to live within a society and still be free of it, and that is why we chose to break from the bonds which restricted the content we share.  How often have you visited a blog and wished that any of the links they shared were still functional? Do you remember Rapidshare? How about Megashare? We do- and they burned us too, but learn we must and moving on is not optional.

There’s a HELLA SHIT TON of places to get free music these days- that much is not lost on us, but again it’s no accident you’re reading this.  Who are you going to TRUST?  Have we EVER steered you wrong? HAVE WE EVER WASTED YOUR TIME WITH BROKEN LINKS OR LAME ASS CONTENT????

Our hosting contract ends in December, and every new year it seems we have to bang a drum and threaten to close shop to get folks to pony up. We were about half way to covering this year back in June, but had NOT ONE SINGLE NEW SUBSCRIBER in July, and at this point we look on track to go bust again by the time our contract comes up again in December.

We have a whole lot of fantastic stuff we can’t wait to share with you all, and we’ll make you a deal: WE WILL POST ONE ADDITIONAL ALBUM FOR EVERY NEW SUBSCRIBER WE GET IN AUGUST!!!

That’s right- we’ve got a STACK of obscure vinyl rips we KNOW will BLOW YOUR MINDS, and can’t wait to share them.  You like the SABA label, right? Ocora? We’ve got more Mississippi Records and more Sublime Frequencies records to share, we just need your help to cove expenses.  It’s not a lot, but last year was pretty hard for us and actually put us under, so if you value the work we do here, please consider SUBSCRIBING. It costs as little as $2.00 and gives you access to ALL of our past content, so go ahead and DO THE RIGHT THING.

So do you prefer bribery or extortion? We’ve always been partial to bribery.

-The Management

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