Bruits et Ambiances d’Afrique 1 [ocr23]

Bruits et Ambiances d’Afrique 1 [ocr23]*

A1 Birds, Domestic Sounds
A2 Savannah Birds
A3 Bird Songs Announcer Thunderstorm, Rain, Thunder
A4 Bovid Herd: Bellows, Pastor’s Voice
AT5 Crossing a Ford by a Flock: Water Sounds, Bellows, Men’s Voices
A6 Sheep Herds: Bleating, Shepherd Intervention
B1 Pillow Of The Mil: Punctuated Sound Of The Pillars, Voice Of The Pileuses
B2 Pillow Mil: Moderate Rhythm, Pets and Birds in the Second Plan
B3 Piochant Cultivator: Rhythmic Heats of Man, Pickaxe Noise
B4 Village School: Voice of the Master, Reverses In Children’s Choir
B5 Village Market: Crowd Sound
B6 Village Market: Animated Conversations


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