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Sub Pop 100 (1986)

Oddly enough I ran across this killer 80’s comp over at  “Spoken Word Intro Thing” – Steve Albini (0:50) “Greatest Gift” – Scratch Acid (2:03) “Nothin’ to Prove” (Live) – Wipers (2:07) “Kill Yr Idols” – Sonic Youth (2:47) “Bananacuda” – Naked Raygun (1:41) “Gila” – U-Men (2:16) “Smile on Your Face” – Dangerous Birds (2:55) […]


Phew-Debut (1981)

Here for your enjoyment is Phew’s debut LP, originally released in 1981 on Pass Records. This album caught my eye primarily because it featured the talent of Can’s Holger Czukay, though in what capacity I am still uncertain. There’s kraut-like rock throughout the record (“Closed” and the awkwardly nightmarish “Doze”) as well as some relatively abstract songs reminiscent […]