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Poemfone New Word Order (1996)

Hoyt, Dr Misfit – Poemfone Anthem John S. Hall – Love Is Hal Sirowitz – Answers To Questions Poemfone Caller – Poemphone Message 3:19 PM I Loved It Foamola Sparrow, Violet Snow, Lawrence Fishberg, Silvia Mae Gorelick – I’ve Been Reincarnated Too Many Times Wanda Phipps, Christian X Hunter – Heaven and Earth John Giorno […]


V/A The Birth of Tragedy Magazine’s Fear Power God, Workers Playtime Rec, Lp, 1989

Fear,Power, God Lydia Lunch – The Human Animal Matt Heckert -Untitled Lawrence Ferlinghetti – The Lord’s Prayer Charles Manson – Prison Tape MR.V.O. Real – Balls in the Great Meat Grinder Jello Biafra – Alien Orders / Space Shuttle Allen Ginsberg – A Song / Dream About William Carlos Williams Anton La Vey – Book […]


The World Record — Readings at the St. Mark’s Poetry Project — 1969-1980

incantations Charles Reznikoff Ray Bremser John Wieners John Ashbery F. T. Prince Joe Brainard Jamie Maclnnis Eileen Myles Tom Clark Steve Carey Carl Rakosi Maureen Owen Larry Fagin Alice Notley Edwin Denby Ted Berrigan Michael Brownstein Kenneth Koch and Allen Ginsberg Anselm Hollo Lorenzo Thomas Clark Coolidge Robert Creeley Joanne Kyger Bernadette Mayer Bobbie Louise […]