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Beat Jazz – Pictures From The Gone World Vol.2

Beat Jazz – Pictures From The Gone World Vol.2 Buddy Collette –Jungle Pipe Kenyon Hopkins –Let Me Out Amus Moore –The Hip Men Wardell Gray –5 Star Young Tiger –Calypso Be Babs Gonzales –Lullaby Of The Doomed Muhamed Habeebalah –Sneaking Ernie Andrews –Green Gin Oscar Moore –Kenya Early Zell –Aunt Woo-Wa Katie Lee –Sick Sounds […]


V/A The Birth of Tragedy Magazine’s Fear Power God, Workers Playtime Rec, Lp, 1989

Fear,Power, God Lydia Lunch – The Human Animal Matt Heckert -Untitled Lawrence Ferlinghetti – The Lord’s Prayer Charles Manson – Prison Tape MR.V.O. Real – Balls in the Great Meat Grinder Jello Biafra – Alien Orders / Space Shuttle Allen Ginsberg – A Song / Dream About William Carlos Williams Anton La Vey – Book […]


Gregory Corso – Die on Me

Alan Ginsberg thought Gregory Corso was the best poet in America in the 50’s…what do you think? For Homer Ode To Coit Tower Inner/Outer Rhyme Getting To The Poem Ode To The West Wind A Bed’s Lament Hair Bomb The Truth Don’t Shoot The Warthog Prophecy No Arrangement Was Made As Rome Burned Last Night […]

Life Is A Killer

The Dial-A-Poem Poets (Giorno Poetry Systems records)

“The Dial-A-Poem Poets “(1972),GPS 001-002 Allen Ginsberg – Vajra Mantra Diana De Prima – Revolutionary Letters Nos. 7, 13, 16, 49 William Burroughs – excerpts from The Wild Boys Anne Waldman – Pressure, Holy City John Giorno – Vajra Kisses Emmett Williams – Duet Ed Sanders – Cemetery Hill Taylor Mead – Motorcycles Allen Ginsberg […]