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135 Grand Street New York 1979

135 Grand Street New York 1979 Soundtrack to the film by the same name. Theoretical Girls – Glazened Eyes UT – Sharp’s Loose A Band – Sand And Sea A Band – Mirror, Mirror Rhys Chatham – Guitar Trio Chinese Puzzle – Great Wall Of Prague The Static – The Spectacular Commodity (Excerpt) Morales –Gay Girl In […]


Bishop Perry Tillis- In Times Like These (Mississippi Records #054)

Bishop Perry Tillis- In Times Like These (Mississippi Records #054) Some Sweet Day Standing By The Bed Side Of A Neighbor Duet With Self (Exerpt) Hard Times Heavenly Father Silent Night Praise The Lord Everybody Oh Lord Up Above My Head You Can’t Fool The Holy Ghost Thank You Jesus Come On, Don’t You Want […]


NME/Rough Trade C81 Cassette

NME/Rough Trade C81 Cassette   The Sweetest Girl–Scritti Politti Twist and Crawl Dub–The Beat Misery Goats– Pere Ubu 7,000 Names of Wah!–Wah! Heat Blue Boy–Orange Juice Raising the Count– Cabaret Voltaire Kebab Traume (Live) – D.A.F Bare Pork– Furious Pig Raquel–The Specials I Look Alone–Buzzcocks Fanfare in the Garden–Essential Logic Born Again Cretin– Robert Wyatt […]


Chrome- Alien Soundtracks (1977)

Chrome- Alien Soundtracks (1977) A year later, but still recorded on 1/2″ in Damon’s bedroom. Rumor has it was intended as the soundtrack to a sci-fi porn flick that never happened. Turn On Chromosome Damage The Monitors All Data Lost SS Cygni Nova Feedback Pigmies in Zee Park Slip it to the Android Pharoah Chromium […]


Chrome – The Visitation (1976)

Chrome – The Visitation (1976) Freshman release from this West Coast ensemble- oozing with DIY goodness.  Who would have thought they could maintain this intensity for 4 full length releases? Tune in. How Many Years Too Soon Raider Return To Zanzibar Caroline Riding You Kinky Lover Sun Control My Time To Live Memory Cords Over […]