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Voices Of The Angels‎– FRWY 2-26 (1982)

Voices Of The Angels‎– FRWY 2-26 (1982) Side I (29:57) Charles Bukowski –Jam Miles Ciletti – Five Block Walk Garth Evans , Lisa Bloom – Brentwood Fever Dennis Cooper – Hello In There Velvert Turner – L.A. Cotton  –Interview With The Outerview Of Whose View Bobby Issacson – Scene Two Take Four Granted Pleasant Gehman […]


Geza X – You Goddamn Kids! (1981)

First, mean mister mommy man made a deal with the doctor to have the worms cut-cut-cut out of my head. Then, mean mister mommy man got gasoline, and made spill happen. And I asid “NO” mean mister mommy man, hurts feels good. Pony Ride II. Rio Grande Hotel Hungarian Wee need more Power Isotope Soap The Paranoids […]