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Hashisheen: The End of Law (1999)

Hashisheen: The End of Law (1999)                   First Reading (Sussan Deyhim) The Old Man Of The Mountain (Genesis P-Orridge, Percy Howard) The Western Lands (Iggy Pop, William S. Burroughs, TECHNO ANIMAL) The Spilled Cup (Sussan Deyhim) Marco Polo’s Tale (Hakim Bey, Nicky Skopelitis) Pilgrimage To Cairo (Hakim […]


CHROME- Live “On Broadway” (1981)

CHROME- Live “On Broadway” (Cassette 1981) Was going to finish off with Red Exposure when we came across this fantastic blog dedicated to the work of Chrome and Helios Creed. Enjoy Intro/Insect Human Insect Human cont. Out Of Reach Brain On Scan Blood On The Moon Pulsating Android/Jam Innervacuum Perfumed Metal Armageddon Future Ghosts