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Can – Agilok and Blubbo (1968) Collected Singles

were here and came across this lovely collection of early CAN 7″ singles lovingly ripped, tagged, and posted by Ankh. Here’s what you get: Agilok & blubbo/Kamera song (1968) Kama Sutra Null/Nightingale (1968) Soul desert/She brings the rain (1969) Spoon/Shikako Maru Ten (1971) Turtles have short legs/Halleluwah (1971) Hunters and collectors/Vernal equinox (1975)


Phew-Debut (1981)

Here for your enjoyment is Phew’s debut LP, originally released in 1981 on Pass Records. This album caught my eye primarily because it featured the talent of Can’s Holger Czukay, though in what capacity I am still uncertain. There’s kraut-like rock throughout the record (“Closed” and the awkwardly nightmarish “Doze”) as well as some relatively abstract songs reminiscent […]