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UC Berkeley Audio Lectures 1960-1990

Aldous Huxley – Matter, Mind, and the Question of Survival 1960       001_1 Additional UC Berkeley Audio Lectures 1960-1990 Beyond Free Trade to Fair Trade Neil Kinnock 1994       001_1 Naturalism and Dualism in the Study of Language and Mind Noam Chomsky 1994       001_1 Sacrifice, Surplus and the Soul Romila Thapar 1992       1805 After the Fact: Indonesia, Morocco […]


The JFK Assassination & The Gangster Nature Of The State

Michael Parenti:The JFK Assassination and the Gangster Nature of the State When Oliver Stone’s movie JFK opened in December 1991 a huge PR campaign was mobilized against the film. Even progressives spoke out.Noam Chomsky wrote in support of the Warren Commission’s findings – in contrast Michael Parenti gave one of his highly acclaimed talks criticizing the […]


Remember the 13th of May

I will not hallucinate, fantasize, speculate about my direction, and ain’t gonna allow you to do so. Unless you are asking me to believe in that which is believable, have faith in that which is faithful, trust in that which is trustworthy. Our religion is non-compromising to the conception of insane speculation! Long live John […]