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ØשLQÆDA and the सølγ שаябlɛş blog

ØשLQÆDA and the सølγ שаябlɛş  blog Long overdue tribute to the blog that inspired so many others.  Much has been written in defense of this incredible collection, but perhaps none so poignant as this message from Gary at Bodega Pop: “These blogs are libraries of cultural treasures. “Piracy” doesn’t even apply, really- blogs like Holy Warbles […]

Word Sound Ave Power Dub Poets And Dub

VA- Wðrd ʂʘüήd ‘ÅV€ Pʘwęr- Ðüb Pðeŧs Åήd Ðüb (1983)

Jean Binta Breeze – To Plant Mutabaruka – Set De Prisoners Free Malachi Smith – Victim Tomlin Ellis – Drop It Glenville Bryan – Blood Shout Navvie Nabbie – Mr. Bigness Man Jean Binta Breeze – Aid Travels With A Bomb Oliver Smith – Signs Of The Times Mutabaruka – Out Of Many One Scientist […]


Linton Kwesi Johnson

Linton Kwesi Johnson “Writing was a political act and poetry was a cultural weapon.” – Linton Kwesi Johnson DIG 01- Inglan is a Bitch 02 – Reggae Sounds 03 – Independant Intavenshan 04 – Man Free 05 – Song Of Blood 06 – Reality Poem 07 – Time Come 08- Doun De Road 09 – […]