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Various – Chicago ’82: A Dip in the Lake

Various – Chicago ’82: A Dip in the Lake “So that each person is in charge of himself” Peter Gordon with David van Tieghem, Jill Kroesen, Robert Ashley Jill Kroesen Harold Budd Jon Gibson Meredith Monk Nicky Paraiso, Steve Lockwood, Andrea Goodman, Paul Langland, Robert Een Charlemagne Palestine Michael Byron David van Tieghem Glenn Branca […]


Sub Pop 100 (1986)

Oddly enough I ran across this killer 80’s comp over at  “Spoken Word Intro Thing” – Steve Albini (0:50) “Greatest Gift” – Scratch Acid (2:03) “Nothin’ to Prove” (Live) – Wipers (2:07) “Kill Yr Idols” – Sonic Youth (2:47) “Bananacuda” – Naked Raygun (1:41) “Gila” – U-Men (2:16) “Smile on Your Face” – Dangerous Birds (2:55) […]