Saw you turning up the stairs
It’s been years since you’ve been here
Things are still gone but things aren’t the same
There’s no chance that you’ve been tranced
You’ve been complicated
You’ve been rather duplicated
You’ve been recreated
You’ve been replaced
Go down town cause I lost count
Now your eyes changed but your still the same
Oh no Oh no you’ve been complicated
You’ve been duplicated
You’ve been resignated
You’ve been replaced
01 TV as Eyes
02 Zombie Warfare (Can’t Let You Down)
03 March of the Chrome Police (A Cold Clamey Bombing)
04 You’ve Been Duplicated
05 Mondo Anthem
06 Half Machine Lip Moves
07 Abstract Nympho
08 Turned Around
09 Zero Time
10 Creature Eternal
11 Critical Mass

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