Emo Phillips – EMO and Live At the Hasty Pudding Theater (1987)


Emo Phillips – Live At the Hasty Pudding Theater and Emo
A Fine How Do-Ya-Do!
Why Our Family Is Nice
My Childhood, Yes
“Downtown Downers Grove”
I’m A Great Lover, I Bet
How To Escape Death
A “Dreamy” Dilemma?
Start Of CD
Track One
Track Two
Track Two Continued
Bonus Track
Hidden Track
Secret Track
Wondrous Magical Enchanted Track
From Trackland, Where A Witch Placed
A Spell On All The Tracks, Forcing Them To Skip
Until A Greying Yet Still Handsome Comedian
Oh By The Way, Satan Wants You
To Burn Copies Of This CD
Make Satan Fume!
More Track Two I Just Found
Don’t Put Back The Fuse (Hidden Track)

Thanks to http://growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/ for the link
Artwork by http://www.johncoxart.com/


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