DOWNLOAD: Dick Reeves: Gullah – A Breath of the Carolina Low Country

Dick Reeves: Gullah – A Breath of the Carolina Low Country

Notes from the back cover:
Long a student of the Negro patois known as Gullah, Harold S. (“Dick”) Reeves has gained a wide reputation as a raconteur of stories in this picturesque dialect.
He has personally appeared in ten states, and his voice has been heard nationally over NBC’s Monitor, and other net-work programs. He has recieved commendation from people in all walks of life, and among both races. Speaking in his cultured Charleston brogue, Mr. Reeves makes a distinct appeal to students of English, dialect enthusiasts, lovers of Music, and those who simply like to hear a good story. In his inimitable way Mr. Reeves recites numerous stories to be heard nowhere else.His discourse presents what is known af the origin of this Negro dialect, spoken only on the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. These charming stories and anecdotes told in his dialect offer inderectly an amazing insight into humor and pathos of the folk who speak it, or who used to speak it as the dialect is a dying one.It is hope that this recording will be recieved in the spirit in which it was produced and will be treasured as a unique bit of Americana.© 1963 By H. S. Reeves
Produced By Lenwal Enterprises, Charleston, S.C.

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