Hubert J. Bernhard The Planetarium Lecture Series: No. 3: The UFOs (1967)


Hubert J. Bernhard The Planetarium Lecture Series: No. 3: The UFOs (1967)

The Planetarium Lecture Series is an attempt to bring the thrill and intellectual stimulation
of planetarium lectures into the home and classroom…through dramatic recorded adaptations of
the kind of programs currently offered in planetariums everywhere.

“The UFOs”

…is the third of these recordings. It offers a comprehensive survey of the facts and
fantasies surrounding continued reports of Unidentified Flying Objects from biblical times to
our own.

UFO sightings are nothing new, Hubert J. Bernhard, author and lecturer at the California Academy
of Sciences’ Morrison Planetarium, reports in this recorded treatise. Ezekiel’s “whirlwind out
of the north” may have been one of the first recorded sightings of a UFO. Repeated accounts of
an unknown “something in the sky” have been handed down through the centuries.

The modern era of UFO sightings dates from June 24, 1947 when Kenneth Arnold reported seeing
“nine bright, disc-shaped objects” near Mt Rainier. Since then, there have been more than 11,000
sightings officially recorded by the US Air Force, and unrecorded sightings too numerous for

Most have been explained. But there is a hard core of some 700 detailed reports of UFO’s in the
USAF files which remain simply “unidentified”.

What are they? Where did they come from? Are the sightings the work of an undiscovered natural
phenomena on the surface of our planet? Are they events which have their explaination in social
or psychologial origins? Or are they really spacecraft from another planet?

“The UFO’s” explores every reasonable thesis before moving to it’s thought provoking conclusion.
The recording provides both a scientifically sound introduction to the subject for the UFO initiate,
and a concise summary of the question for the avid UFO follower. As such it will earn a place
among the growing body UFO literature of our time.


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