Ike Yard – A Second A Fact – 1982

Ike Yard was founded in 1979 in New York. Members are Stuart Argabright, Kenny Compton (bass/vocals), Fred Szymanski (synthesizers/ programming) & Michael Diekmann (guitar). Together they recorded for labels like Disques du Crépuscule and Factory. Ike Yard dissolved at the beginning of 1983.

Being the first band to be signed to Factory Records’ American division, you’d have to be fairly special. Ike Yard doesn’t fail in that department one bit! Ike Yard* was a quartet of Stuart Argabright (ex-Futants), Kenneth Compton (who was Madonna’s boyfriend for a bit and appears in her “Burnin’ Up” video!), Michael Diekmann, and Fred Szymanski. Their arsenal of instruments included the standard guitar, bass, and drum kit, but those are the ONLY traditional instruments used. Each member is credited with synthesizers (Compton specifically with bass synth), and other instruments include drum machines, found percussion, syndrum, and who knows what else. Both Argabright and Compton handled vocal duties, with Argabright getting the lion’s share. Sometimes considered a no wave group, and having some common ground with that scene, Ike Yard was really in a category of their own.

A1 M. Kurtz
A2 Loss
A3 N.C.R.
B1 Kino
B2 Cherish 8
B3 Half A God

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