Its On!!!

We’ve got an UNBELIEVABLE December in store for you. 31 posts in 31 days!
You remember our Mississippi Records series? Well, we found a few more to round out your collections and will be sharing them with you- our valued subscribers- in December.  We don’t want to spoil the surprises, but we’ve got insane finds to share- from classic New Orleans funk to Persian pop, soul and vintage spoken word records, avant-jazz and tribal music- all with that EXTRA FREAKY Petty Vendetta seal of approval!  We understand that this stuff isn’t for everyone, and that’s what makes you all so special to us. Sadly, it looks like this might be the end friends. We are currently still a ways off from covering our operating expenses for FY 2016, not to mention 2017, and it doesn’t look like it makes much sense to keep going.  We’ll need 25 new subscribers to bridge the gap, or just a handful of generous donations- however that possibility is seeming more and more remote.


6 years of content- more than 400 posts will all be gone unless someone out there is willing to let us squat on their hosting plan.

That’s right kids- we know how it works, and we’re certain that someone out there has the bandwidth for one more site with very little traffic, and less than 1GB requred.
As you are no doubt aware, all of our links are to content stored elsewhere, and GOOGLE says we had fewer than 300 sessions in the last 28 days, so we would hardly require any bandwidth at all.

Let us know if you and we’ll send you the files.

Think of the service you would be providing, but please don’t delay– (our hosting package expires THIS WEEK).

-The Management

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