Monkeywrenching The New World Order (AK Press)


Monkeywrenching The New World Order (AK 022)

Featuring Howard Zinn, Robin Hahnel, Craig O’Hara, Norman Solomon,  Michael Albert, Christian Parenti , Chris Crass ,Alexander Cockburn and Ward Churchill

– a reading from the seattle n30 communique from the acme collective of the black bloc
– capitalism, world trade and economics
– conspiracy theories
– critical mass
– extending solidarity
– methods Of organizing
monkeywrenching-new world order
– pies, politics and prison
– some reflections on globalization
– the wto, neoliberalism and global economic policy
– women, bioengineering, corporations and the state
– advice for history teachers
– collective liberation
– corporate media and its discontents
– economics, strategy and class conflict
– lockdown america
– military intervention
– native america, genocide and the scalp bounty
– poverty, debt and colonialism
– the biotic baking brigade and the global pastry uprising
– what is ‘globalization’
– ‘you fucked up!’

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