MISSISSIPPI RECORDS TAPE SERIES, VOL 056 – Here is where love has left me

mrc-056MRC-056 – Here is where love has left me


MRC-056 – Here is where love has left me from PettyVendetta on 8tracks Radio.

Side A
01 moin jogan tu so ja (i will stay awake, while you go to sleep)
02 ravnene
03 phone call
04 korean song
05 vasa del bala shodi (you have become calamity for my heart)
06 korean song
07 suffering love
08 the acoustic green grass of love – jenny and the stylers
09 rintjis rintjis (the sound of throwing rose petals at a wedding)
10 jusqu’a ce que la force de t’aimer ma mauque
11 thai song

Side B
01 rankurulla – the three sisters
02 paze kefe – solely leve
03 unfinishable story jenny
04 mungguran pepegatan (the relationship is ending)
05 tinh bien (the love of the sea)
06 voila ou m’a reduit l’amour (here’s where love has left me
07 mittran nun dohka deniye (frauding a friend)

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