Mumia Abu Jamal – Man Is the Bastard

Altϵrnative Tϵntaclϵs – VIRUS 206 – 1997
Mumia Abu-Jamal–A Bright Shinning Hell
Assata Shakur–A Message To Mumia
Mumia Abu-Jamal–A House Is Not A Home
Mumia Abu-Jamal–May 13th Remembered
Mumia Abu-Jamal–Father Hunger
Mumia Abu-Jamal–Black August
Mumia Abu-Jamal–Legalized Crime
Bob Dole –Diversity On The Airwaves
Allen Ginsberg –The Freedom To Write
Jello Biafra –Statement
Assata Shakur–The Depth Of Our Courage
Mumia Abu-Jamal–Who Is Not On Death Row?
Man Is The Bastard–Alignment
Man Is The Bastard–Subterfuge
Man Is The Bastard–Fusing Skull And Anvil
Man Is The Bastard–Infiltrator

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