Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons-Elektra (EKS-7296) 1965

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Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons Elektra (EKS-7296) 1965

Work Songs, Blues, Spirituals, Preaching, Toasts
Johnny Jackson (lead) – Raise ‘Em Up Higher (worksong)
Marshall Phillips – Don’t Look So Downhearted Buddy (toast)
Joseph “Chinaman” Johnson (leader) – Move Along ‘Gator (worksong)
Joseph “Chinaman” Johnson – Three Moore Brothers (Cante-fable)
Johnnie H. Robinson (first lead,) Eddie Ray Zachary (second lead) – Assassination Of The President (topical/gospel)
George White – Don’t Be Uneasy (spiritual)
Jesse “G.I. Jazz” Hendricks (first lead,) Matt Williams (second lead) – Rattler (worksong)
Johnny Jackson (lead) – Hammer Ring (worksong)
Louis “Bacon & Porkchop” Houston – T.B. Bees (toast)
Mack Maze – If You See My Mother (blues)
Joseph “Chinaman” Johnson (lead) – Just Like A Tree Planted By The Water (worksong)
Houston Page (lead) – See How They Done My Lord (spiritual)
W.D. “Alec” Alexander – Daniel In The Lion’s Den (preaching parody)
Virgil Asbury (lead) – Forty-Four Hammers (worksong)

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