New Jazz Poets (1967)

New Jazz Poets (1967)*

A1 –Calvin C. Hernton Jitterbugging In The Streets
A2 –John Morgan The Second Coming
A3 –Peter La Farge Autumn, 1964
A4 –Art Berger March On The Delta
A5 –Ree Dragonette From Valley Of Shadows
A6 –Joe Johnson If I Ride This Train
A7 –Joel Oppenheimer African Memories
A8 –Ronald Stone Lady Day Spring – Toned
A9 –Paul Blackburn Listening To Sonny Rollins At The Five Spot
B1 –Percy E. Johnson Canto 4, Six Cylinder Olympus
B2 –Ishmael Reed The Jackal Headed Cowboy
B3 –Will Inman Kauri
B4 –David Henderson Elvin Jones Gretch Freak
B5 –Gerald Jackson Poem To Americans
B6 –Allen Katzman Poems From Oklahoma
B7 –Norman Pritchard Gyre’s Galax
B8 –George N. Preston Asian Nigger
B9 –John Harriman Poem For Adolph Eichman
B10 –Allen De Loach I Am A Multitude
B11 –Stephen Tropp & Howard Hart To Jackie In Jail
B12 –Gloria Tropp Poem To Ernie Henry



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