Norman Finkelstein-An Issue of Justice; Origins of the Israel_Palestine conflict (AK Press)

Norman FinkelsteinOrigins of the Israel_Palestine conflict (AK Press 2001)
-The Jewish Question & The Zionist Movement
-Arab Antagonism To Zionism
-Population Expulsion & Western European Elite Opinion
-Zionism, Conquest & Elite Western European Values
-1948 & The Expulsion Of The Indigenous Population Of Palestine
-The ‘Two State’ Settlement & International Opinion
-Foiling The PLO’s Peace Offensive, The First Intifada, And Oslo
-Arafat The Terrorist, The Saudi Peace Plan & The Second Intifada
-The Big Stick, Operation Defensive Shield & War Crimes
-The War, Concentration Camps & The Holocaust
-Communism & The Moral Decision Of The Two State Solution
      An Issue Of Justice

-The New Technology, Research, And Alan Dershowitz
-American Jews, Anti-Semitism, Influence & Israel
-Works In Progress



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