Are you brilliant, successful and talented? No? Perfect!

Do you have $137.86? Even better.

We will be auctioning this position to the highest bidder, and have plenty more openings as well.

Fancy yourself more of the Brand Evangelist type? Communications Executive? How about Information Advisor?

All of these positions,and MANY MORE are FOR SALE.

Ever picture yourself as a Wet Leisure Assistant? Maybe there’s another title you’d like. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY – get that snappy title you’ve always wanted without the anxiety or uncertainty of an actual interview.

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Imagine the the looks you’ll get from all the regular little people.

Revel in the splendor of your own unique aura… all this and SO MUCH MORE.


Here’s what you’ll get:

UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to the site and all content for LIFE (OUR life…not yours)

-Your own personalized LOGIN CREDENTIALS

-A genuine glow in the dark statue of Jesus (while supplies last)

All you have to do is DONATE NOW.

What’s that? $137.86 seems like a lot to you? No worries- we have PLENTY MORE titles we’re selling in just about any price range.


You can be a WEEVIL INSPECTOR for $87.50, or a Subscriber Happiness Specialist for $14.97.

Just make a donation, and let us know the title you want.

We have 19 days left to pay for hosting or as promised THIS SITE WILL CEASE TO EXIST COME NEW YEAR.

$137.86 is all we need to keep going.

Operators are standing by.








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