Reatards-Teenage Hate

To celebrate the recent re-release of Teenage Hate this week we have a guest blogger.  Shoeshine Boy said:
Jay Reatard did more in a short time than that bastard Anton in Brian Jonestown Massacre ever did—or could do. Besides, where is Anton now? Hey Anton? You there? Or are you wandering around California in a gown looking for a Sitar.

Jay’s diversity AND quality was unparalleled (to use a cliché), but it was so almost to the point of frustration. But I guess geniuses who are all over the map like a hyper kitten are given a pass in that way. After all, as great as Brian Wilson was, nobody ever really knew what to make of Smile.
The only time I saw Jay was when he opened for the Black Keys. He walked out on stage and said. “I’m the opening act. It’s my job to not be better than the Black Keys…” And of course he was.
Enjoy your Gibson Flying V in the afterlife, gentle  friend.

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  1. Anonymous June 3, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    r.i.p. Jay Reatard. And where is Anton? He’s constantly recording and releasing new music: that’s his youtube channel. check it out, it should answer your question

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