Recordings from the Tony Schwartz Collection

SchwartzCab9Recordings from the Tony Schwartz Collection

      How We Remember
      Sound Picture of New York
      Columbus Day Parade
      The Small Recorder
      Sounds from New York
      Favorite Sounds

Major in Germany
Calls and Whistles
Music in Speech
Rhythm of Words
County Auctioneer
Comment on Travel in the City
West Side Woman’s Comment
Housing Discrimination
Owner of Paladium Comments
Puerto Rican Jukebox Record
Street Driller and 9th Ave “L”
Elderly Woman
The Carnegie Hall Fiddler
Girl in Washington Square
Tradition of Street Musicians
You’re Stepping on My Shadow
Portrait of Lincoln
Music in Marble Halls
The Sound of Numbers
The Philosophers
A Temporary Job
Nancy Grows Up
Death of a Turtle
Children and God
The Sound of Lettering
Standing Here at the Present Time

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