Robert Millis-Leaf Music, Drunks, Distant Drums

1973733Robert Millis-Leaf Music, Drunks, Distant Drums*

Sadly unavailable record on the now defunct Anomalous imprint.  Check HERE for any remaining inventory from this esoteric label.

“Culled and carefully edited from many hours of field recordings made in Southeast Asia by Robert Millis, member of Climax Golden Twins. A mix of ambiance and music including a beguiling improvisation performed by an elephant mahout using only a leaf, ethereal temple orchestras, blind street musicians, insect choruses, stagecoach rides, singing cabbies, drunken spirit orchestras performing Leo Sayer songs, naughty and nice children and impressionistic ride from the 21st century Thailand to the medieval corners of Myanmar — strange meetings of natural and supernatural, East and West. Rob worked on the recent Sublime Frequencies DVD NAT PWE: Burma’s Carnival of Spirit Soul and some of this was recorded during the same trip.” **

1 Elephant Mahout Leaf Improvisation, Cambodia
2 Small Ensemble, Myanmar
3 Tiny Typewriters Of The Forest, Cambodia
4 Temple Orchestra, Cambodia
5 Blue Jeans Salesman, Thailand / Morning Sermon, Cambodia
6 Stagecoach Taxi Ride, Myanmar
7 Lao Radio Excerpt / Insect Swarm, Thailand / Myanmar
8 Hsiang Waing Improvisation, Myanmar
9 Drunks, Laos
10 Our Traditional Music Is Most Sensational! Nat Pwe Performance, Myanmar*
11 Money! No!, Laos
12 Blind Street Singer, Thailand
13 Frogs, Laos
14 Radio Excerpt, Thailand
15 Distant Drums, Cambodia
16 Thank Heavens For Little Girls, Laos / Nat Pwe Horns And Gongs, Myanmar
17 Gecko, Laos / Water Pump And Temple Orchestra Duet, Cambodia
18 Monkey And Dog Fight Holds Up Traffic, Cambodia
19 Weaving, Myanmar
20 Buddhist Ruins, Cambodia / Evening Ambiance, Myanmar
21 Taxi Driver, Thailand / Angkor Wat Temple Doors And Water Sweeping, Cambodia






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