From A Shaman’s Notebook: Primitive And Archaic Poetry (1968)

From A Shaman’s Notebook: Primitive And Archaic Poetry (1968)*

Broadside Records ‎– BR 652

A1 “How Isaac Tens Became A Shaman” – Gitskan Indian
A2 “A Shaman Climbs Up Into The Sky” – Altaic
A3 “A Poison Arrow” – Nigeria
A4 “For A Sudden Stitch” – Anglo-Saxon
A5 “The Killer” – Cherokee Indian
A6 “Cannibal Song,” “Against Wens,” “Against Syphillis” – Dobu, New Guinea
A7 “Nine Herbs Charm” – Anglo-Saxon
A8 “Rain Song” Keresan Indian
A9 “Songs In The Garden Of The House God” – Navajo
A10 “Flower Feast Song” – Aztec
B1 “Circumcision Rite” Arnehm Land, Australia
B2 “Songs Of The Masked Dancers” – Apache
B3 “Marriage Rites” – Arnehm Land, Australia
B4 “Night Chant” – Navajo
B5 “The Forest” Aztec
B6 “The Annunciation” – Tibet
B7 “Smohalla Speaks” – American Indian
B8 “Songs Of The Ghost Dance Religion” – American Indian
B9 “The Light Becomes Dark” Gabon Pygmy
B10 “Those Were People Who Broke The String”
B11 “The Surrender Speech Of Chief Joseph” – American Indian
B12 “Dead Hunter Speaks Through The Voice Of A Shaman” – Copper Eskimo
B13 “The Gates Of Dan Are Shut” Gabon Pygmy
Arranged By, Read By – David Antin (tracks: B3, B4, B11), Jackson MacLow* (tracks: A1-A9, B5), Jerome Rothenberg (tracks: A10, B4, B6-B9), Rochelle Owens (tracks: B1, B2, B4, B10, B1, B132)


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