So Long and Thanks…

Well Christmas has come and gone and nothing from Santa this year.  It seems inevitable that we’ll have to shut down next week but first we’d like to thank all of our loyal followers and supporters so we have a special gift for you all at the end of this (possibly our penultimate) post.

New years being a time of both giving and reflection, we thought we’d take this opportunity to look back at the last six years and remember why we started this blog and how it has affected us.

It should be pretty obvious to anyone familiar with this blog that we just love field recordings and Post Punk music.

Perhaps you may have missed our collection of poetry readings,  political rants, or sleep talking for that matter.

At some point it becomes hard to manage one’s bookmarks, and for that reason we took to Blogger in an effort to keep track of all of the fantastic blogs that seemed to be proliferating at the time.

Those were heady days- so many fantastic blogs …nearly all laid to waste due to shutdowns of numerous file sharing platforms and endless retarded DMCA complaints.  We’ll spare the lengthy diatribe on open culture for the sake of brevity and suffice to say that the interweb is well on it’s way to becoming a homogenized wasteland of appropriated culture and click-bait.  We knew our days on the Blogger platform were limited, so following recommendations of some of our key contributors, and at the cost of a very loyal Blogger following we migrated off the Blogger platform and became, in essence, our own entity.

It is important to note that we have been recording our own cassettes in whatever basement, attic or bedroom was available for decades, and much of the crate-digging was an effort to obtain emotionally-charged sound-bites for inclusion in our DIY recordings, like this one

in-flamesfrom 2012 featuring the voices of Ray Bradbury, Klaus Kinski, Alan Watt, David Koresh, Hunter S Thompson and Timothy Leary.

OK- so we’d upgraded to CD’s by that time, but weren’t aware of Bandcamp yet, and were distributing these discs to personal friends only.

Over time the idea of possibly finding an audience for our unusual recordings has become alluring, and earlier this month we released our 7th “official” album “Not Dead Yet” (a little bit different…actual instruments on thissun)

It occurs to us dear reader that perhaps we should try a different approach, which brings us to your


While our holiday generosity lasts, we invite you to download any and all of our albums and pay what you’d like. While we understand how tempting it is to enter”$0″, please consider a small donation to offset operating costs for another year and understand that while it’s fun to share, there are very real costs associated with such an endeavor.

That’s our “hail Mary” pass folks.  If this fails we will entertain offers to host this site for cheap or (preferably) free.

Let’s hope for a better 2017

-The Management









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