The Durutti Column – Vini Reilly LP: UK 1988 (Factory FACT 244)

Love No More
Pol In G
Opera I
People’s Pleasure Park
Red Square
Finding The Sea
William B
They Work Every Day
Opera II
Homage To Catalonia
Requiem Again
My Country
Paradise Passage Road        [from MASO 90024]
Les Preger’s Tune                [from MASO 90037]
Buddhist Prayer *
Misere *
Real Drums — Real Drummer *
Pathway *
Rob Gray’s Elegy *
Shirt No. 7 *

*from SporeCD1

Initial copies packaged with FAC[D] 244+

Some copies of FACT 244 have a lock-groove toward the end of
“My Country”; this was apparently an intended artifact.

“Homage To Catalonia” is the title of George Orwell’s account of
fighting against Fascism in the Spanish Civil War


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