DOWNLOAD: Research Recordings Present “The Search for Bridey Murphy – Experiment No. 1 (1956)”

Virginia TigheDOWNLOAD: Research Recordings Present “The Search for Bridey Murphy – Experiment No. 1 (1956)”

1.A general Introduction
2. An ordinary hypnotic age regression
3.The Transition Technique- The same subject is guided from ordinary age regression to pre-natal memory
4.The Bridey Murphy Experiment (Bridey Murphy reveals her experiences in 19th century Ireland)
5.The After-Death episode
6.Awakening the subject

In 1952, Virginia Tighe of Pueblo, Colorado, was hypnotized by local businessman Morey Bernstein. Allegedly, Virginia spoke in an Irish brogue and claimed she was Bridey Murphy, a 19th-century woman from Cork, Ireland. Bernstein says he encouragedpast life regression and his subject cooperated. He hypnotized Tighe many times. While under hypnosis, she sang Irish songs and told Irish stories, always as Bridey Murphy. She gave a birth date as1798, described her childhood in a Protestant family in the city of Cork, her marriage to Sean Brian Joseph McCarthy, and her burial in Belfast in 1864. Bernstein’s book, The Search for Bridey Murphy (1956), became a best-seller. (Tighe is called Ruth Simmons in the book.) Recordings of the hypnotic sessions were made and translated into more than a dozen languages. The recordings sold well. The reincarnation boom in American publishing had begun.

Newspapers sent reporters to Ireland to investigate. Was there a red-headed Bridey Murphy who lived in Ireland in the nineteenth century? No records were found that matched Tighe’s claims for Bridey’s birth, upbringing, marriage, or death. (One supporter of the story, Bill Barker, did find a record of a clerk named John M’Carthy working in Belfast between 1858-1862.) One newspaper, however, the Chicago American, found Bridie Murphey Corkell in Wisconsin in the 20th century. She lived in the house across the street from where Virginia Tighe grew up. What Virginia reported while hypnotized were not memories of a previous life but memories from her early childhood. Whatever else the hypnotic state is, it is a state where one’s fantasies are energetically displayed. Many people were impressed with the details of Tighe’s hypnotic memories, but the details were not evidence of past life regression, reincarnation, or channeling. They were evidence of a vivid imagination, a confused memory, fraud, or a combination of the three.


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