this site for sale

Tired of our lame-ass content? Want to give your life purpose? Do something meaningful with the remainder of your days here on Earth with
Whatever multi-level marketing scam or psychotic religious cult you’d like to promote, do it in style with
Who needs music and culture?  Who cares about social justice or surrealist poetry? Flog your wares with flair on
Who cares that we’ve brought you the entire Sublime Frquencies, Mississippi Records and AK Press catalogs?
Who has time to listen to the entire Can discography, or all these fucking amazing Peel sessions?
Yeah- we’re pretty tired of avant-garde music and spoken word, so someone please make us a serious offer and take this fekking seabird off our hands.
…alternately, please hit the “DONATE” button, or “SUBSCRIBE“. We’re still in the red from last year, and it’s getting close to the end of our first year as a paid content site.
We’d really like to keep this going, but our accountants have advised against it.
Thanks to those who have supported us in the past, and we hope you appreciate the new owners half as much.

-The Management


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