UC Berkeley Audio Lectures 1960-1990

Aldous Huxley – Matter, Mind, and the Question of Survival 1960


Additional UC Berkeley Audio Lectures 1960-1990

Beyond Free Trade to Fair Trade Neil Kinnock 1994


Naturalism and Dualism in the Study of Language and Mind Noam Chomsky 1994

Sacrifice, Surplus and the Soul Romila Thapar 1992


After the Fact: Indonesia, Morocco and the Recurrent Clifford Geertz 1990


Physical Theory, Brain Theory, Theories of Everything Gerald Edelman 1989



Morality, Law and Politics Jürgen Habermas 1988



The Concept of Practical Reason Jürgen Habermas 1988


Origin of the Universe Stephen Hawking 1988


Direction of Time Stephen Hawking 1988



Black Holes, White Holes, and Worm Holes Stephen Hawking 1988



Christian Platonism Henry Chadwick 1987



How to Become Immortal without Really Trying: Taoism and the Nature of Ritual Kristofer M. Schipper 1985



Mythical Thought and Social Life Claude Levi-Strauss 1984



The Birth of Historical Societies Claude Levi-Strauss 1984



Ancient Near Eastern Concepts of Life after Death: A Background of the Judeo-Christian Tradition Wilfred Lambert 1984



Human Rights and Wrongs in the United States Jeane J. Kirkpatrick 1983



Chemical Bonds in Biology Linus Pauling 1983



The Development of the Concept of the Chemical Bond Linus Pauling 1983



My Life with Lincoln Kenneth M. Stampp 1983



The Immortality of the Soul Among North American Indians Ake Hultkranz 1983



Former Lives, or the Man Who Met the People in His Dream Wendy O’Flaherty 1982



Why Reason Can’t Be Naturalized Hilary Putnam 1981



The Transcendence of Reason Hilary Putnam 1981



Personality Post-Mortem: Psychological States Attributed to the Deceased George Devereux 1981



The Inscrutable Chinese-Can We Understand Them? Wolfram Ebhard 1979



Mortal Neurons, Immortal Monads Jerome Y. Lettvin 1979



Landscape as Theatre John B. Jackson 1978



The Soul and the Land of the Dead: South Asian Views Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf 1978



Ancient Egyptian Ideas on the Reunion of Soul and Body Erik Hornung 1978



Reflections on Science and Human Rationality Stefan Amerdamski 1976



The Floor of the Deep Oceans: What Is Happening There Sir Edward Bullard 1975



The Floor of the Deep Oceans: What Are They Like Sir Edward Bullard 1975



Space as an Image of Time Rudolf Arnheim 1975



The Emergence of Life and of Intelligence Sir Fred Hoyle 1974



Computers and the Mind Seymour Papert 1973


The Biology of Dreaming as an Approach to the Mind Michel Jouvet 1969


The American Republic in Transition Peter H. Odegard 1963


Eternal Life and Social Action Now James A. Pike 1963


Symbols of Eternal Life Paul J. Tillich, 1960



What is Justice? Hans Kelsen 1952



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