Wild Poppies-A poetry jam across prison walls


Wild Poppies*- Marilyn Buck

Introduction -Amiri Baraka
political poem -Devorah Major
They Came for Me -Uchechi Kalu
Rescue the Word* -Genny Lim
One-Hour Yard Poem*- Dennis Brutus
Space* -Akwasi Evans
Concrete Cocoon (excerpt from Incommunicado)* -Marilyn Buck
Letter #18 -Dennis Brutus
Moon Bereft* -Sara Menefee
Dream Fragments* -Marilyn Buck
Acrobatic* -Fanny Howe
After the Wave* -Presente!
1950 ’s Girl Thinking about Love* -Uchechi Kalu
Coca Cola 2* -Carolyn Baxter
Thirteen Springs* -Maria Poblet
Imperatives* -Mariann Wizard
Jasper TX* -Samsara
Authenticity* -Chrystos
Rap for Justice (excerpt from Incommunicado)*- Marilyn Buck
Pennsylvania Death March* -Merle Woo
untitled (movement poem) -Maria Poblet
A Vieques,en Solidaridad* -Carlos Quiles
To Vieques, in Solidarity* -Piri Thomas
Grito de Vieques -Aya De Leon
Marilyn -Carlos Quiles
The Owl* -Nellie Wong
Blindfolded Men* -Uchechi Kalu
The Tortured (excerpt from Incommunicado)* -Marilyn Buck
Black August* -Staajabu
In Memory of Kuwasi Balagoon*- Kiilu Nyasha
I saw your picture today (to Lori Berenson)* -Elana Levy
Neutralize!- Mitsuye Yamada
The Visit- Staajabu
Prison Chant* -Devorah Major
Suicide Cell (excerpt from Incommunicado)* -Marilyn Buck
Remembering a Fifteen-Year-Old Palestinian Woman in Prison*- Vini Bhansali
Reading Poetry* -Marilyn Buck
Bird Watchers*- Jean Stewart
Honor Dance for the Four Winds -Chrystos
Blues for Shaka* -Presente!
The Annunciation -Genny Lim
Revelation* -David Meltzer
On Children -Piri Thomas
Prayer* -Sonia Sanchez
Honoring Marilyn Buck -Kwame Ture

* poem by Marilyn Buck

*Via  http://www.freedomarchives.org/

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