Everyone I know is either dead, or in prison

Near the day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky.

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  • van-morrison-contractual-obligations_zpsbd98121c

    Van Morrison – Contractual Obligations (1968)

    Van Morrison – Contractual Obligations (1968) After a pretty unhappy couple of years with his label Bang Records in the mid-60s, Van Morrison wanted out. They demanded he deliver some more short and poppy stuff like Brown Eyed Girl, while he wanted to release 11-minute renditions of lion impersonations (which he did on the album Saint […]

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  • The Langley Schools Music Project

    The Langley Schools Music Project : Innocence and Despair (1976–77)

    The Langley Schools Music Project: Innocence and Despair (1976–77) The project was undertaken in 1976–77 by Canadian music teacher Hans Fenger with students from four different elementary schools of the Langley School District in British Columbia. Recordings were made in a school gym in Langley, in Metro Vancouver. Two LPs were originally released, 1976’s Lochiel, Glenwood, and […]

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  • R-2623503-1293752779

    Nick Bougas Presents: Celebrities…At Their Worst!

    Nick Bougas Presents: Celebrities…At Their Worst! Here are your idols Hic es in idolis vestris 1-1 John Wayne 1-2 –Jack Palance 1-3 –Zsa Zsa Gabor 1-4 –Col. Harland Sanders 1-5 –Orson Welles 1-6 –Orson Welles 1-7 –Mickey Rooney 1-8 –William Shatner 1-9 –William Shatner 1-10 –Louis Nye 1-11 –Carol Burnett 1-12 –Tim Conway 1-13 –Elizabeth […]

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  • Virginia Tighe

    DOWNLOAD: Research Recordings Present “The Search for Bridey Murphy – Experiment No. 1 (1956)”

    DOWNLOAD: Research Recordings Present “The Search for Bridey Murphy – Experiment No. 1 (1956)” 1.A general Introduction 2. An ordinary hypnotic age regression 3.The Transition Technique- The same subject is guided from ordinary age regression to pre-natal memory 4.The Bridey Murphy Experiment (Bridey Murphy reveals her experiences in 19th century Ireland) 5.The After-Death episode 6.Awakening […]

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  • Untitled

    David Bowie is dead

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  • gal-dolemite

    Rudy Ray Moore Dolemite Soundtrack

    Dolemite The Queen Do You Still Care The Rumble Mayor’s Get-Away Power of Your Love Willie Green When We Start Making Love The Hitman Ghetto Expressions Time Is on Our Side Creeper The Jive Jungle Flatland   **Link C/O the really fantastic  http://musiccrates.blogspot.com/

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  • Lemmy by Gristricote

    Lemmy Kilmister is dead

    There is no joy in mudville. *image via Gristricote  

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  • Satie


    Pierre Laniau – Erik Satie: Pièces Pour Guitare (1982) 1. Four Gnossiennes 1-Lent 2. Four Gnossiennes 2 – Avec etonnement 3. Four Gnossiennes 3 – Lent 4. Four Gnossiennes 4 – Lent (sans presser) 5. Musiques Intimes et Secrètes – Desespoir agreable 6. 06 Musiques Intimes et Secrètes 2 – Caresse 7. 07 Musiques Intimes et […]

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  • Alex Sanders A Witch is Born (1970)

    DOWNLOAD : Alex Sanders – A Witch is Born (1970)

    DOWNLOAD : Alex Sanders – A Witch is Born (1970) Initiation The Legend Of The Goddess The Great Rite maxine sanders : “my job was to represent the goddess.”   After the Second World War, Sanders felt isolated by his occult knowledge, and decided to live a life of the “left hand path” after having drifted […]

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  • john_trudell_by_randomdamage

    John Trudell (February 15, 1946 – December 8, 2015)

    Take back the Earth R Evolution Drunken Indians DNA  (Descendant Now Ancestor The Futuristic Police State on the Christian World View Modern Humans are Walking Dead! Dreams   *Artwork C/O http://randomdamage.deviantart.com/  

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