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  • Phone

    Great Phone Calls (1992)

    1. I’m In Your Band 2. Cancel It! 3. Hijinx 4. Hijinx And A Child 5. A Score To Settle 6. Blood Pizza 7. Graduate Of Yaoo 8. (Write My) Name On The Toilet 9. You’re Not Good Enough 10. A Special Request 11. Rock And Roll 12. Pickle Potato 13. The Man From HOTT […]

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  • move-africa

    Remember the 13th of May

    I will not hallucinate, fantasize, speculate about my direction, and ain’t gonna allow you to do so. Unless you are asking me to believe in that which is believable, have faith in that which is faithful, trust in that which is trustworthy. Our religion is non-compromising to the conception of insane speculation! Long live John […]

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  • revbilly

    Reverend Billy’s Freakstorm: Earthalujah Explained!

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  • Sorrow Come Pass Me Around

    Sorrow Come Pass Me Around -1975 (Advent 2805)

    Ephram Carter and His Fife & Drum Band – “Sorrow Come Pass Me Around” Willard Artis “Blind Pete” Burrell – “Do Remember Me” Babe Stovall – “The Ship Is at the Landing” Annie Lee and Oscar Crawford with Annie Mae Jones – “You Don’t Know What the Lord Has Done for Me” Reverend Rubin Lacy […]

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  • Apple Cart

    Bernard Shaw -the Apple Cart – Noël Coward, Margaret Leighton – Caedmon – TC1094 (1958)

    The Apple Cart– Bernard Shaw Interlude – Bernard Shaw The Boy Actor – Noël Coward Nothing Is Lost – Noël Coward Honeymoon – Noël Coward Mrs. Mallory– Noël Coward A Question Of Values – Noël Coward Do I Believe? – Noël Coward Letter From The Seaside, 1880 – Noël Coward 1901 – Noël Coward A […]

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  • fante4

    John Fante Tapes (1978-1981)

    Part One Part Two(a) (b)  Part Three Part  Four (a) (b) Part Five Transcription here

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  • takingliberties

    Christian Parenti · “Taking Liberties- Prisons, Policing and Surveillance in an Age of Crisis”

    *Available from Alternative Tentacles

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  • Sleep

    Somniloquy Revelation

              Revelation 1      Revelation 2      Revelation 3      Revelation 4      Revelation 5        *Matthew James, prophet of The Parasomnial Order

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  • Kerouac

    Jack Kerouac-The Last Word

    The Last Word October In The Railroad Earth Deadbelly Charlie Parker The Sounds Of The Universe Coming In My Window One Mother Goofing At The Table Bowery Blues Abraham Dave Brubeck I Had A Slouch Hat Too One Time The Wheel Of The Quivering Meat Conception McDougal Street Blues The Moon Her Majesty I’d Rather […]

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  • Nice to be back

    Charles Bukowski ‎– Hello. It’s Good To Be Back (Zweitausendeins ‎– LP 7021)

    Hamburg 1978 1. Free 2. Hot Dog 3. An Observer 4. You Can’t Make A Lion Out Of A Butterfly 5. Some People 6. The White Poets 7. The Black Poets 8. Looking For A Job 9. Another Academy 10. I Met A Genius 11. The Bones Of My Uncle 12. The Fisherman 13. When […]

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  • King of Poets

    Charles Bukowski ‎– King of Poets (1970)

    Don’t try 1. When All The Animals Lay Down 2. A Smart Girl 3. The Light Of Jesus 4. The Pleasures 5. Rejoice And Asunder 6. A Northern Acquaintance 7. Grammar Of Life 8. My Father 9. “Soup, Cosmos And Tears 10. The Life Of The King 11. Only The Truly Lost 12. A Need […]

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  • billcosbytalkstokids

    Bill Cosby – Talks to Kids About Drugs (1971)

    Introduction And Uppers And Downers Song Questions And Answers Dope Pusher Song Bill Talks About Hard Drugs I Found Away Out Order In The Classroom People Make Mistakes Song I Know I Can Handle It Song Bill Talks About Pushers And Other Bad Things Captain Junkie Song Bill And The Kids Sing & Closing

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  • Brian Ruud - From a Bum Trip to... The Trip Beyond

    Brian Ruud – From a Bum Trip to… The Trip Beyond (1971)

    Trip Beyond Records ‎– LP 71 311 back cover too ugly to post

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  • Studs-Terkel--Hard-Times

    Studs Terkel ‎– Hard Times (1971)

    Caedmon Records ‎– TC 2048 A Fairy Tale The March Born Losers Hard Traveling The Big Money God Bless The Child Leaving Home Bonnie Laboring Boy Two Strikes The Farmer Is The Man Sixteen Ton Concerning The New Deal Evictions, Arrests And Other Running Stories Honor And Humiliation Epilogue: Two Women 2B-F3-62-63-terkel-a0a0k0-a      WordPress is doing […]

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  • Norman Finkelstein

    Norman Finkelstein-An Issue of Justice; Origins of the Israel_Palestine conflict (AK Press)

    Origins of the Israel_Palestine conflict (AK Press 2001) -The Jewish Question & The Zionist Movement -Arab Antagonism To Zionism -Population Expulsion & Western European Elite Opinion -Zionism, Conquest & Elite Western European Values -1948 & The Expulsion Of The Indigenous Population Of Palestine -The ‘Two State’ Settlement & International Opinion -Foiling The PLO’s Peace Offensive, The […]

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  • Monkeywrenching-New-World-Order

    Monkeywrenching The New World Order (AK Press)

    Featuring Howard Zinn, Robin Hahnel, Craig O’Hara, Norman Solomon,  Michael Albert, Christian Parenti , Chris Crass ,Alexander Cockburn and Ward Churchill – a reading from the seattle n30 communique from the acme collective of the black bloc – capitalism, world trade and economics – conspiracy theories – critical mass – extending solidarity – methods Of organizing – monkeywrenching-new […]

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    Ward Churchill – In a Pigs Eye: Reflections on the Police State (AK Press)

    Christian Parenti Introduction Hello My Relatives The Anniversary Of Pine Ridge A 500-Year War The Richest People In America …..Or Poorest A Nation Of Their Own Investigating The FBI Function Of The Bureau The Birth Of COINTELPRO Some Really Nasty Stuff You Have A Police State Luster Of A Pinkerton Man Badges For Vigilantes Contract […]

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    AKA 031 Lawrence Ferlinghetti- Anarchism, Commodity Culture And Global Capitalism Lawrence Ferlinghetti- The Greedy Blues Christian Parenti-Capitalism, Crisis And Managing The Threat Of Poverty Craig O’Hara -Punk, Politics, Policing, The Census & Handguns Cindy Milstein -Freedom, Direct Democracy And The Good Society Barry Pateman -Anarchist Tension #1 Barry Pateman -Anarchist Tension #2 Harry Britt -Culture, […]

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  • Beating the Devil

    Beating the Devil – The Incendiary Rants of Alexander Cockburn (AK Press)

    Displacement On The 17th Of January You’re Messing Up Our Lovely Moment A Seat At The Table An Absolute Sham Liberals For Ashcroft Looking Forward Coming Home To Roost Cost -Benefit Food The Ruling Class Fucks Up How To Prevent Homicide Our Military Economy Weapons In Space Nixon’s Dream Realized What Good Can Come Of […]

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  • Less Talk

    Various ‎– Less Rock More Talk (AK Press)

    AKA 007 Mykel Board  – The Spoken Word Noam Chomsky – Propaganda And Control Of The Public Mind Tom Leonard – Moderate Member’s Monologue / From The Institution / Scotland Today: The Waverley Returns From The Falklands Jello Biafra  – Gotta Be Ready James Kelman  -No Longer The Warehouseman Penny Rimbaud – Falling Norman Nawrocki – […]

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